About us

What do we do, our service's?

-Box Kick is Dublin & Leinster's newest home and office fresh fruit supplier.

-We carefully pick and pack the freshest seasonal produce on a daily basis.

-We offer fruit boxes, baskets and hampers for every occasion in a variety of sizes.

-All of our products are available on subscription for your home and office  @ https://www.talysubscriptions.com/retailers/8vj17r9dl4


Where do we source our produce?

-Our Fruits are directly imported from leading growers throughout Ireland, Europe and the Southern Hemisphere.

-Our Fruits come directly from Orchards and Farms straight to your Office or Home ensuring the highest quality and freshness. 


What is our mission?

-We are passionate about our mission statement and policy of providing "Service, Value & Quality".


What is our promise?

-We are a company that are small enough to care about our customers but big enough to cope with demand. We strive to please all our customers and personally stand over all produce we supply. If you are not entirely satisfied with any of our products, we will exchange or refund that item.


Where did we get our name?

-"BoxKick" was given it's name as a nod to it's main purpose which of course is being a box of fresh fruits to kick start your day! 

Who are we and what is our history?

-Due to the covid-19 pandemic the food service trade became very limited, with restaurants and hotels closing as well as no tourist trade.

-Demand for wholesale produce significantly reduced and it became difficult to predict when it would increase again.

-As a result of this, Justin Leonard (owner of 130 year old fruit and vegetable wholesalers "Jackie Leonard & Sons") was then forced to adapt his business as a result.

-He began delivering fruit and vegetable boxes in smaller retail portions directly to customers at their homes.

-There was a large demand for this service as the limited contact delivery service adhered with the coronavirus social distancing rules.

-The boxes became so popular that Justin decided to create a separate business entirely dedicated to the retail supply of his produce that we now know as "Boxkick".

-Since life has started to slowly return to normality and with more and more people returning to supermarkets to source their fresh fruit and vegetables, Justin has started to supply fresh fruit boxes, baskets and hampers to the public which are available in a variety of sizes for any occasion as well as on subscription to homes and offices.